• What is 14k gold? How is that different from 10k, 18k, 24k?

  • Purity of gold is measured by a karat weight system. The karat system measures the ratio of gold to other alloys in a piece. The more pure gold, the higher the karat weight.

    While the thought of 24k pure gold sounds attractive, it isn’t the best for jewelry. It’s soft and malleable, meaning your jewelry will bend easily and show scratches. The color of 24k gold is also a much brighter yellow and is not the color associated with gold jewelry.

    Which is better, 14k or 18k? It’s totally up to your preference! 14k has a lower gold to alloy ratio, making it more durable, and more affordable. 18k has more pure gold, is more delicate, and gives off a more vibrant yellow gold color.
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